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Our Classes
We are very proud of our class offerings at Southtowns Dog Training Club. Whether you have a pet dog or are heading into the ring, we have a wide variety of classes to suit your needs.
If you are interested in a particular class, please contact the instructor directly for information regarding the next session start date, length of session, cost of class or any other questions regarding that class.
We currently offer the following classes:

Pennie Smith (585) 457-3576
Do you and your dog enjoy training, but don't know where to go after completing your basic obedience class? Intro to Rally Obedience is the answer! This class was created for EVERYONE to participate in, even if you don't ever want to do anything competative. Rally is a wonderful way to have fun and build a stronger bond with your dog while learning a great sport at the same time. Who knows, you might catch the competition bug after taking this class!

In order to get the most out of this class, it is recommended that students have an understanding of sit, down, stay and the beginnings of a heel (loose leash walking). Front, finish and heel position will be taught in detail. In this class students will learn how to perform the signs for Novice Rally Obedience, learn the rules for Rally Obedience and will end the session by running through a Novice Rally course. This will be a six week session.
Day: Friday
Time: 6:30 - 7:30pm
Start: TBA
Pennie Smith (585) 457-3576
This class is for dog-handler teams that have an understanding of novice obedience exercises, but need to practice getting through a course in a smooth, polished manner. Students will have an opportunity to run through courses with assistance from an instructor. Novice, advanced and excellent signs will be available. Cost will be $10.00 per week, drop-in. This class will only be in session the weeks that Intro to Rally is offered.
Day: Friday
Time: 6:30 - 7:30pm
Start: ongoing
**Classes will be cancelled in inclimate weather**  Please contact Pennie if you plan on attending class. 
Noelle Nasca
Noelle's "Positive Puppy" class is intended to provide puppies and their families with an opportunity for socialization and obedience education in a safe, well managed, motivating, fun environment! Each week puppies are introduced to new commands as well as novel social situations. Creating a strong, healthy bond built on leadership and trust, preparing our puppies for the world, and fostering manners and control are the guiding concerns of this program. Registration is open to puppies under 20 weeks of age at the start of the session. Click Here for Noelle's Puppy Class Registration Form
Day: Sunday
Noelle Nasca
This obedience class is geared for the adolescent to adult dog. Methods used in this class are reward-based and motivational for the dog and trainer! Training becomes fun and inviting and serves to strengthen your relationship with your pet in a healthy, positive, well balanced manner. The program focuses on teaching commands that foster a well behaved canine companion. Exercises include (but are not limited to) sit, down, stay, wait, polite leash walking, coming when called, stand and greeting manners. This class will give you and your dog a valuable opportunity to work on good manners and refining obedience skills in the presence of other dogs and people in a safe and positive environment. Click Here for Noelle's Companion Dog Class Registration Form.
Day: Sunday
Noelle Nasca
This class is for those who have successfully completed a beginner's class. Classes are held for one hour, once a week. The session runs 6 weeks with an additional week being the CGC Test. The test is an additional $10.00 paid at the time of testing to the CGC Examiner.
In this class, basic skills involved in the CGC test will be perfected by training with increasing distractions. The CGC test is given at the seventh week of class, with certification awarded to qualifying participants.
The Canine Good Citizen Program was started in 1989 by the American Kennel Club to give recognition to owners who have a well-behaved pet and to show the general public that dogs can be "good citizens."
Day: Sunday
Noelle Nasca
Skillz Class is intended to encourage handlers to work precision AND attitude with their canine counterparts! A fun and progressive training class for people wishing to continue their training past "pet" or "CGC". Many of the students who attend SKILLZ class go on to compete in the Obedience Ring, some, however, may not wish to pursue competition but simply enjoy the benefits of a well trained dog. We work the exercises you'll find in AKC AND UKC competitive Obedience, we break the exercises down into small enough parts for the dogs (and handlers) to master and we infuse the training with bright, enthusiastic desire to perform the behaviors. It's fun, and rewarding. Hope to have you training with us sometime in the future!!
*an understanding (not perfection) of Sit, Down, Stay/Wait are necessary to attend this class
Day: Thursday
Time: 6:30 - 7:30pm,
Day: Thursday
Time: 7:30 - 8:30pm
Noelle Nasca
This program is 4 weeks in length, meeting each Wednesday for an hour session. Our focus will be to make the RECALL as SOLID and DEPENDABLE as we possibly can with our dogs. Training ~ to Testing.

Program based on the RRR protocol by Leslie Nelson.
Please Contact Noelle directly if you would like to sign up for one of her classes next session.
Day: Wednesday

Sarah ConnaughtonCPDT
This class is designed for people with dogs 6 months and older or who have finished the puppy level and for dogs that have not taken a class before. This class teaches all the basics of obedience, including the sit, come, down, stay, wait and attention work. By continuing in this class, you will work on these exercises in different situations and under distractions. The class also provides an introduction to all Canine Good Citizen exercises and some fun agility obstacles. This is a six-week course.
Day: Saturday
Time: 11:30 - 12:30pm
Sarah ConnaughtonCPDT
Designed for puppies age 10 weeks to 6 months, this class will build a strong foundation for you and your puppy with proper socialization and basic training. You will train the sit, come, down, wait and stay and do attention work, all at the puppy level with an emphasis on leash handling and basic control. Everyone who spends quality time with the puppy is encouraged to participate in the class. Handouts are provided every week along with individual attention if needed. This is an eight-week course.
Day: Saturday
Time: 10:00 - 11:00pm
Sarah ConnaughtonCPDT
Sarah's agility classes introduce participants to a fun, safe and motivational introduction of agility obstacles. Students and dogs start with modified regulation equipment leading to full size. The class works with positive motivational techniques, mostly using clicker training, to which you will be introduced. Your dog will learn contact zones, proper jumping technique, beginner sequencing and getting your dog to go ahead of you. Class size is limited to allow for individual attention. These classes give you a proper start if you plan to compete in agility trials but are also fun and great for anyone interested in building quality time with your dog.

Pre Agility can be taken after a basic pet class. We will begin with basic to advanced obedience and distraction and work into basic agility obstacles. Beginner Agility works with contact agility obstacles and moving into sequencing. Competition Classes are offered outside in a fenced area for those who are interested and have passed the beginner level.
Day: Monday
Time: 6:00 - 7:00pm
Start: on-going
Patricia Nagel
This class is a basic introduction to obedience, covering the major commands needed to control your dog and pass a Canine Good Citizen test. It also serves as an introduction and overview of the many areas of training and competition available in dog sports. The class is designed to be a fun obedience class and to help people get started in dogs as a hobby.
Day: Tuesday
Time: 6:00 - 7:00pm
Start: TBA
Patricia Nagel
Training is offered for conformation handlers of all levels, from the beginner to the experienced handler looking for an opportunity to practice with their dog in a show-ring setting. This class is held outdoors at the Fairgrounds during good weather and indoors at SDTC in poor weather, allowing dogs to experience showing in many conditions.
Day: Tuesday & Thursday
Time: 7:00 - 8:00pm
Start: drop-in

Handling class welcomes all whether novice or advanced.  Handling classes are paid for on a drop in basis.  Puppies are welcome to class as soon as they have had their basic immunizations (Rabies, Parvo/distemper).  The class is a mix of puppies and adult dogs, novice and advanced handlers.  Positive reinforcement methods are encouraged and clicker training is used.


Novice handlers will learn all the basics:

·         Selecting the correct collar and leash

·         Holding a leash correctly

·         Hand stacking a dog

·         Free stacking a dog

·         Moving in all the basic patterns

·         Gaiting and presenting a dog to its best advantage

·         Showing the dog’s bite

·         Correct presentation of your breed


Advanced handlers will hone their skills while working to improve the presentation of their dog.  It is expected that each handler will gain a good understanding of canine structure and their own breed standard.


Handlers should bring to their first class the following:


  • Dog’s immunization records
  • Show collar and leash
  • Soft treats (ex. boiled liver or chicken)
  • Completed class registration form and signed waiver
Click here for Registration Form
Click here for Waiver
Day:    Tuesday
Time:  Morning - 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
           Evening - 7:15 pm - 8:15 pm
Start:   Drop in
Denise Fix
Join us for our unique exercise class you do with your dog!
Each 50 minute class includes cardio as well as yoga stretches for you
and your dog!
The class is different each time and progessively becomes more challenging.
PAWlates is another way to bond with your pet while you both stay fit
and healthy!
We promise you that you will break a sweat!
Classes run in 5 week intervals...sign up for your 5 week interval TODAY!
Day: Wednesday
Time: 6:30 - 7:30pm
Start: Soon!
For information on off-site programs, contact:


Field Training for Retrievers
Give us a call and we can tell you what this
training entails and connect you with a training group to get you started.
See what your RETRIEVER can do!
Michele Rappl - 716-649-1656
All levels. Readying the dog and handler for tracking tests. Informal practice sessions are held at various locations and times.

Linda Gonzalez - 716-649-4998
Marj Brown - 716-549-2023
Jory Herbert - 716-662-1436

Junior Handling
Preparing children to showing their dogs in the breed ring.
Patricia Nagel - 716-549-0851


We now have a new format combining Rally class/drop-ins and Rally Show n Gos.  Pennie Smith and helpers will be available a few Sundays a month to help us out with Rally Obedience.

Practice time will run from about 1pm to 2pm.  Cost is $10 for an hour.  Signs will be set up, practice as much as you want for an hour.  If you're familiar with Rally, feel free to practice on your own.  If you have no idea what Rally is all about - we're here to help!

At about 2pm we'll switch over to a more formal feel and will have a Rally Show n' Go.  Runs will be timed and scored and the cost is $5 per run.

We hope to see you there!!

More dates to be added soon!



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